Thursday, February 22, 2018

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ShallyRecords Live Server
Features :
Live Chat via IRC - #shallyrecords #ww3 #cyberarmy on
Live Bot Logs - Megan.Fox & ShallyRecords
Members List & Names
Available 24/7 unless there's an earthquake or volcanic eruption
Proceed to site : Go

ShallyRecords Song Preview Chamber
Features :
All the latest song or demo being recorded as we speak will be featured in this chamber
Proceed to site : Go

ShallyRecords File Dropper
Features :
If u need to send us a file (usually a song), u may drop it here into our dropbox.
Proceed to site : Go

Other Sites
Features :
These are sites that maybe relatively new to have been properly indexed or sites that we use to expand on social media. And sites that were used prior to the .com registration.
1. Le`Roi - Profound Immorality 
2. Eleonor England - DJ SuperFreak Megamix 
3. Magazine - Rock, Metal & Music
4. SRC Playlist - Our video playlist
5. Podcast - Self Explanatory
6. ShallyRecords - Mirror

Artists who have appeared on ShallyRecords

Artists Albums Sites

Le`Roi - Albums available here

Shy`Rite - Debut album available here

Clif Edward - Album available here

Various Artists Vol 2 - Album available here


ShallyRecords Radio (SRC FM)

We are proud and happy to announce the addition of our internet radio station. The station plays songs from ONLY our artists from their respective albums. We hope u enjoy the music and have loads of fun with it. You may also reach the radio site specifically here .