Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Schedule Until Late July

The album "Ruler Of Earth" by Le`Roi will be released at the end of July. This is a mini full album that consists of 7 original songs.

The album"Clif Edward Greatest Hits Vol.1" by Clif Edward will be released at the end of July. As u can see a lot of new stuff will be out then.

Live Schedule :

June 29 - 30 : Le`Roi will perform live and the new hits from his album at ShallyRecords Disco, Seminyak, Bali. Show starts at 12 p.m. Cover charge Rp 800.000/. Special guest appearances by Ganja George and Shy`Rite.

July 5 - 8 : DJ SuperFreak dubstep show will sail off on THE MATADORS cruise. Tickets are available at Benoa ticketing office. Hotel guests may obtain the tickets from the front office.

July 20 - 26 : ShallyRecords presents Atomic Metal Masters Extravaganza  on board MATADOR MAESTRO cruise. Tickets are available at ShallyRecords Pub & Disco. Price Rp 3.500.000/- .
Artists : Leroi, Shy`Rite, Ganja George, Black Cameltoe, Bernadette & Charlie Creamer, Jamaican Suspect, Drago Chillz and Balinese Ethnic Dancers.

See you soon!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Clif Edward Greatest Hits Vol.1 Out Soon

Fresh from the studio this week.... word has it that ShallyRecords are busy with the upcoming release of Clif Edward Greatest Hits Vol. 1.

8 songs have so far been remastered and re-engineered. Notable acts like DJ SuperFreak, Le`Roi and many others have contributed to this release. Songs included from this compilation have been given a fresh twist and a new sound without comprimising on the rock influence that Clif carries with him.

Also, based on the interview with Clif, he wanted a more guitar sounding album than his previous releases. Wod has it that, this a great album with very strong tunes. So do bare with us as we bring you more news with regards to this great release.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Other Sites
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These are sites that maybe relatively new to have been properly indexed or sites that we use to expand on social media. And sites that were used prior to the .com registration.
1. Le`Roi - Profound Immorality 
2. Eleonor England - DJ SuperFreak Megamix 
3. Magazine - Rock, Metal & Music
4. SRC Playlist - Our video playlist
5. Podcast - Self Explanatory
6. ShallyRecords - Mirror

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Le`Roi - Albums available here

Shy`Rite - Debut album available here

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Various Artists Vol 2 - Album available here


ShallyRecords Radio (SRC FM)

We are proud and happy to announce the addition of our internet radio station. The station plays songs from ONLY our artists from their respective albums. We hope u enjoy the music and have loads of fun with it. You may also reach the radio site specifically here .